I was told that you went on a vacation or business trip to Victoria, and you loved it. Your friends encourage you to move, and you are considering it. The questions rush in with unknown solutions, and you will need to organize them to assess your options. What are your priorities? How soon do you want to go?

Moving is never easy unless you hire professionals. I have hired regional movers once and will never relocate through only my efforts again. My family and I still have to make smart choices to box and label all important items. Recycle, donate or responsibly dispose of unneeded and 

unused items. The moving checklist is simple to follow when the time comes. 

We are way too early for that. You need to hear about these growing communities around some great cities in Victoria to choose a forever home exactly where you want it. In no particular order, these cities have been in the running for the best places to live based on affordability, transportation, education, employment, healthcare, climate, safety, and more. Let us take a look at their qualities.

  • Mornington is a family-friendly oceanfront area that can be pricey but offers excellent healthcare, education, and beaches in return. Find a balance between nature and urban living. There is perceptible city enthusiasm experienced through festivals and markets. Barrington Beach and Red Hill have very active real estate performances. 
  • Heritage and grandness do not come cheap, but Kew is synonymous with stature. Noble schools, beautiful parks, gardens, and excellent public transportation make this city as interesting as the employment opportunities. 
  • The second largest city in Victoria is Geelong. It has an easy feel with a busy waterfront hub. Housing prices are moderate and look to Bannockburn and Armstrong Creek for new standards in urban development practices.
  • Contemporary and classic merge in the Ballarat area with a cooler climate and infrequent fog. The healthcare and education divisions have been growing. Cultural significance events are enjoyed in all seasons. Bunkers Hill, Smythes Creek, and Mount Rowan for development.
  • Priced into exclusivity Brighton consists of a world-class coastline, burgeoning culture, and prestigious education. There is a bustling café and boutique shopping tradition. Old Beach and Herdsmans Cove house the bulk of the population. Honeywood and Tea Tree are more rural. 
  • We end our list with Hawthorn. Well known for excellent education and top-notch private institutions, Hawthorn has excellent tram lines to easily access events in the city centre. The suburbs of Burnley and Malvern have decent transportation, green spaces, and diversity with quality education. 

Maybe a seed was planted years back, or a recent dream has taken shape to move to Victoria. If you are looking for a return to cultural roots and explore the possibilities of life closer to nature, Victoria is a good move.