The war on fat wages on as obesity becomes more and more of a problem as our increasingly sedentary population continues to put on excess weight. A recent study showed that almost 70% of Australians are overweight, a staggering number of people to be sure! Scientists and health gurus continue their attempts to offer us solutions to this ever expanding health malady, but there is little chance of a silver bullet arriving any time soon. So, while we wait for a real miracle cure for obesity to show up, what can we do? Fortunately, there are some simple, common sense tips that can help us shed some of that unwanted extra weight:

Whey Protein Powder – This byproduct of cheesemaking is used by weightlifters after their gym sessions to help heal and grow their muscles, but we now know that if you consume pre workout in Australia it will help fire up your metabolism to burn more fat! Plus those strawberry protein whey smoothies taste pretty good!

Eat Slowly People are always in a hurry these days and they tend to rush their meals, shovelling down their food as fast as they can. The problem is this means that the food isn’t properly chewed, and you aren’t able to digest it well, which leads to weight gain. Also, when you eat too fast you never feel satiated, it’s always as if you haven’t had quite enough, and crave more in-between meal snacks that cause you to put on even more weight! Eating slowly helps your digestion and increases your enjoyment of the food, leaving you feel happy and full after your meal.

Get Enough Sleep – Sleep? Who has the time? The thing is, when you are tired from not getting a proper night’s sleep your body automatically produces more ghrelin, the hormone that makes you feel hungry, and decreases the amount of leptin, the hormone that makes you feel satisfied. Being in a state of sleep deprivation causes you to crave sweet and salty foods because they are high-energy sources, which also means they contain more calories. When you get sufficient sleep your entire mind and body function better, and you will be able to make better choices about what you eat.

Drink Water – Staying hydrated is the key to good health and also has a direct effect on your body’s desire for more food. It’s a simple fact, if you drink two glasses of water before every meal you will lose more weight than people who don’t! Being thirsty can make you feel more hungry, too, so you end up eating more than your body needs you to, plus drinking water has the added benefit of making you feel fuller so you eat less, all of which adds up to lower weight!

Losing weight is hard, sure, but it can be done if you follow a healthy diet and not one of those fad miracle diets you see on the internet that never work. You also need to get up from the chair and get your body moving with some daily exercise. Stick with it and say goodbye to that unwanted weight!