If your old fridge just isn’t keeping cool enough on those hot summer days anymore because the door doesn’t close quite right and the old motor is beginning to wear out, it’s absolutely vital that you go out and get yourself a new one before you get sick from food poisoning!

Now that your decision is made, it’s time to go shopping, and we have a great recommendation for you! Replace your old refrigerator with a modern French door fridge that will make every visit to its frosty cold interior a pleasure for you! If you aren’t sure what this queen of the kitchen is, here are the basics- it is about twice as wide as a traditional model, not quite as deep, the freezer compartments are at the bottom, and the top cooling section has two French doors so you can just open one at a time to get a specific item you are after, or both if you need to slide a large food tray in or out! Let’s take a closer look now at why this is the new fridge for you!

French door refrigerators feature wider shelves and spacious bins in the doors, so it’s a cinch to store large containers filled with stews, soups, turkeys, and casseroles with room to spare. The spacious bins built into the doors can easily hold those big jugs and pitchers of iced tea, juice or milk. The upper shelves in a French-door refrigerator are adjustable so you can arrange for that odd-sized bottle of wine to stand up if you need to!

The French door fridge’s layout is much more logical than your old traditional refrigerator model was, making it easier to locate and access everything inside! This ease of accessibility also prevents the old problem of forgotten food languishing for months on some obscure back shelf until it becomes a Petri dish of mould samples! They are also perfect for smaller kitchen spaces because the double doors don’t need to open out as widely as those of an old-style fridge, so you can put it in a pretty tight space if you need to.

Having the freezer down at the bottom is very convenient because you don’t have to access it as often, and you no longer have to bend over so much trying to retrieve items from the lower cooling area shelves as you would with an old top freezer fridge. The French door freezer drawers are quite deep so there is space for large frozen items like turkeys. French-door refrigerators also feature an adjustable chill drawer above the freezer that is able to house a variety of different-sized items like wine bottles, fish, cold beverages, deli meats, and snacks.

Last but not least, French door refrigerators look fantastic, they are very attractively designed with their luxurious double doors. French door refrigerators are available in just about any colour or finish you desire, so it’s going to add a lot of cool modern style to your kitchen!